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Oklahoma Power Benefitting
Oklahoma Families

Cimarron Link is an electric transmission project that will unlock access to one of the lowest cost, steadiest-producing natural energy resources available anywhere in America - the inexhaustible wind energy of the Oklahoma Panhandle.

Like pipelines that transport natural gas, transmission lines carry electricity from where it is generated to where it is needed. Cimarron Link will:

  • Support energy price competitiveness and stability for Oklahoma families and businesses by increasing energy supply with a new pathway to market for low-cost sources.

  • Bolster reliability by diversifying energy solutions, and

  • Strengthen long-term energy security by reducing our reliance on foreign energy.

Committed to Oklahoma

$5B+ enabled in New Energy Infrastructure

Investment in the Cimarron Link transmission line will power economic opportunity for Oklahoma.

Thousands of Jobs Supported

Thousands of jobs supported during construction of the project representing hundreds of millions of dollars in labor income.

Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in New Local Tax Revenue

Including tens of millions of dollars during construction and additional hundreds of millions over the operating life of the projects in ad valorem taxes paid to benefit Oklahoma schools and local county services.

Tens of Millions of Dollars in Landowner Payments

Over the development, construction and operational phases of the project.

Benefitting Oklahoma Landowners

Invenergy recognizes the importance of building respectful relationships with landowners as our primary partners in the Cimarron Link project.

We have developed strong relationships with over 12,000 landowners – the majority of whom are farmers and ranchers – across our over 200 developed projects by working with them in the most transparent, flexible, and collaborative methods possible.

Powering Economic Opportunity for Oklahoma Communities

Cimarron Link will support new wind energy generation from the Oklahoma Panhandle.

Together, Cimarron Link will strengthen America’s energy independence while providing economic benefits to businesses, schools, and public services across the state.

Project Updates

Invenergy supports Mutual Volunteer Fire Department

This year's event raised funds to rebuild the Mutual Volunteer Fire Department station, which was significantly damaged in a storm.

Invenergy sponsors Pioneer Days Rodeo

Invenergy was a gold buckle sponsor for the Guymon event Pioneer Days has a long standing history of celebrating the Pioneering spirit in No Man’s Land ...

Invenergy sponsors OACD annual meeting

Invenergy was the top sponsor for the Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts (OACD) annual legislative reception on February 27.